Podcasts I listen to

So I thought I migh make a list of podcasts that I listen to (given I manage to delete the old one that I had). This is more or less the ones that I listen to. Security 7 Minute Security Advanced Persistent Security #Someone needs to fix the site Purple Squad Security Beers with Talos Podcast Brakeing Down Security Podcast The Silver Bullet Security Podcast with Gary McGraw Cyber Frontiers

How I Move My status.net server and upgrade it to Gnu-social

This is mostly so that I can remember how to move stuff. I’ll take moving my status.net server as an example. So in order to move you’ll have to have a dump of the database this can be accomplished with: mysqldump -u statusnetuser -p databasename > databasename-da-te.sql it is a good idea to run this command regularly after all having a backup strategy can save your bacon. Next up will have to save your status.