Test Post after moving the blog

So this is a test post I just moved it to my main server again.

How I move my server and upgrade it to Gnu-social

This is mostly so that I can remember how to move stuff. I'll take moving my server as an example. So in order to move you'll have to have a dump of the database this can be accomplished with: mysqldump -u statusnetuser -p databasename > databasename-da-te.sql it

How active am I?

I found out that I can embed links to my running/biking. So just for fun and giggles I did that - I'm all out of shape but hey should improve over the next month or two ;) Testing on a single "move" this seems a lot better :)

Podcasts that I listen to

Soo given that I've set up this blog and done nothing I thought I might make a post about the podcasts that I listen to. The list can vary a bit sometimes I find a new one that I listen to for some time and decide that it's rubbish other

Hello world

This is just the first post. I've set the blog up to document how I moved to apache 2.4 on arch